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Welcome to Greatest Hits USA®: a new show with sounds from the past, which should be a part of your station’s future! Unlike other “Classic” shows, Greatest Hits USA is loaded with fun trivia about the history of the songs played, and fascinating stories about the artists. It’s got a whole new sound and flow, and with called in requests from your listeners on the toll free national hotline, it’s got a real “live show” feel. The best part? Greatest Hits USA can be played at any point during the weekend, including Fridays!

So what do other stations have to say? Here are a couple of cool comments from our affiliates: First up is Chris Roberts, owner of WKSD. “The show sounds great. In all seriousness, one of the best I've ever heard. The music is just right, with a few songs every week that evoke that "oh wow" factor and the production is perfect. It really is so very close to the way it all originally sounded back in the day. Keep up the good work!” Chris R

Next up is Flyin' Brian, who had a little problem during our show….”WIOE’s inventory is full during your show, if I can get 4 or 5 more minutes for spots an hour, that would be great. Thank you!”

Next up is WVLT, which brings us into south Philly. Here’s P.D. Dave Fleetwood: “Hey Rick, just a note to say welcome aboard. The show sounds great, and I'm very excited to have it on WVLT on Friday nights...great way to kick off the weekend. Very well produced, very polished, big market sound, and Chuck has a great set of pipes. I hope we have a long run with Greatest Hits U.S.A. Thanks. Dave”.

More cool comments from Chris Tracy from WNTY, WACM, WSKP & WBMW said: “LOVE the show pal! Happy to be part of your affiliate list!”

Major points:
1. Chuck Taylor.....He was #1 in Albany in AM Drive
on several stations. 

2. Music is 60’s & 70’s based. Perfect for Oldies, Classic Hits and Weekend Specialty programming.

3. Easy download every week.

4. The Show is free.

5. No Contract

Now it’s your turn, as the Winter marches on, you might have a new opening in your weekend program schedule. The show is carried nationally in some pretty cool cities, like New York City, Hartford, CT., Springfield, MA., Long Island, NY., South Philadelphia and Spokane, WA. to name a few.

I'm sure any of our affiliates would vouch for how the show is received. If you would like to hear a demo or complete show, just shoot back a request.

Thanks for your time, and I look forward to hearing from you, 

Rick Schmidt

Greatest Hits USA

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Office 855-USA-1969 

Hotline 855-USA-HITS